Westmount’s Summit Woods: Reaching Mount Royal’s second major lookout

Many lifelong Montrealers have never been to Mount Royal’s second major lookout.

That might be because it’s not as easy to reach as the premier lookout – the Kondiaronk Belvedere, in front of the chalet, near Smith House.

The secondary one – in Westmount – also provides a striking view of downtown and western Montreal.

Known as the Summit Circle Lookout, it’s on… Summit Circle, next to Westmount’s Summit Woods.

Reach it by car from the west via The Boulevard. From the east, use Cote-des-Neiges and Belvédère Rds. Watch where and when you park: Westmount public security officers prowl the area.

By transit, take the STM’s 66 – The Boulevard bus and then walk up via the public stairs.

This map should help.

westmount summit woods - main lookout IMG_3895
westmount summit woods - main lookoutIMG_3303westmount summit woods - main lookoutIMG_3305westmount summit woods - main lookoutIMG_3311

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